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Community partnerships are one of the key components that drawchange strives on. Recently, we engaged in a project where the children created their own placemats for meals. The children drew their favorite foods, and the ingredients were the things that … Continue reading

Drawchange has cultivated a partnership with a new homeless shelter in Southwest Atlanta through the end of 2017 and we need your help! This is a fairly new homeless shelter and we will be their first after school program; which … Continue reading

The concept of ‘home’ differs from person to person. Maybe it is a place, or it could be someone you care for, a smell, a taste, even a memory… Whether our concept of home is ever-changing or if it is … Continue reading

Look at that smile while creating! Don’t mind the stress on M’s face. Those things also happen in art class. Luckily, Ms. @natalie_sciouris was there to save the day! This project focused on Empowerment through Gift Giving. Such a beautiful … Continue reading

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“I want to go to the moon with my mommy!” Last night at the homeless shelter was so much fun! We had the children use their vivid imaginations to come up with a story they all agreed upon. Some of … Continue reading