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image002You can barely see it in the lifted up sheet of paper but that little boy wrote “I love you” secretly and wanted me to announce to the entire room that he wrote that there for everyone to see. Jeremiah has come leaps and bounds since I first saw him about five months ago. It’s beautiful how he’s used his artwork to express his feelings. True art therapy! ~ Atlanta, GA


1010690_10152977101512137_294014577190671225_nWe gave all the children a white sheet of paper and then we passed around three crayons to each child. The children were politely waiting for instruction without touching their paper or crayons, or so we thought!

Once we gave them instruction that we wanted them to fill their paper with color, they still wouldn’t do anything. They seemed confused and afraid. We asked the teacher what she thought was going on. She replied, “They’ve never had their own white sheet of paper before so they don’t want to “ruin” it. It took a lot of coercing but before you knew it, each child’s paper was filled with beautiful color and they were so proud of their artwork and were walking around helping each other color. ~ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia