Sponsor A Child

Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a beautiful relationship between you and a child very far away. It provides more than the satisfaction that comes with sending aid; it delivers a knowledge of knowing you are enhancing a child’s life, family, and community over time. Through child sponsorship, two lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored child. Please consider if sponsoring one of these children for a year, half-year or one month is for you. You may click on a child’s photo to read their full personal biography.



Sponsorship Plan Details

Silvana has been sponsored. Please choose another child in need by clicking the button below. Silvana is 8 years old and in second grade as of May 2013. Her parents emigrated from Nicaragua in search of a better life with … Continue reading

Brenda Ramírez Leíton  7-Drops As of October 2013 Brenda is 9 years old and in second grade. She lives with her parents and 4 siblings in Los Diques community near the school where her parents are bakers. They make about $900 per month. Brenda’s … Continue reading

As of September 2013 Carlos is 8 years old and in second grade. Carlos is from Nicaragua and lives with his two siblings and parents in poverty. His dad is a car mechanic while his mom tends to the home. … Continue reading

Fabián Araya Ballestero 6-Waves As of August 2013 Fabian is 10 years old and in fourth grade. His mom works as a laborer in a factory and his dad abandoned them. His favorite color is purple and his favorite school subject is Mathematics. Fabian … Continue reading