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PR Beyond The Storm delivers supplies to Regazo de Paz

At the end of last year, we shipped a box of Art & Pinta Magazines and art supplies to PR Beyond the Storm in Virginia. Art & Pinta is an empowering and inspiriting literary arts magazine produced by drawchange.  PR Beyond the Storm made the journey  to Puerto Rico earlier this year to bring supplies and aid for post-Hurricane Irma relief and care to the children of a local orphanage, Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz.

“While we can’t help all children in need, we were able to send some supplies to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Now the the children of Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz are able to use their creativity to express themselves and make a little better sense out of potentially confusing times – and that in itself, is making a difference!” – Jennie Lobato, drawchange Founder & CEO

Thank you, PR Beyond the Storm for the work you are doing to provide for people in desperate need, and for letting us play role in the difference you are making for the people of Puerto Rico!

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The children at the orphanage free painting

Children creating from our step by step instructions within Art & Pinta