Our Friends & Partners

Our approach to drawing change is based on the premise that no single person or organization can do it alone. Our belief is that together we can make a difference. Below are some organizations we have partnered with to maximize our collective ability. We hope you’ll visit their sites and support them as well.

Burners Without Borders (BWB) promotes activities around the globe that support a community’s inherent capacity to thrive by encouraging innovative approaches to disaster relief and grassroots initiatives that make a positive impact.

The Dreaming Zebra Foundation is a (501)(c)(3) charity providing support so that children and young adults are given an equal opportunity to explore and develop their creativity in the arts.

Compassionate Atlanta is a grass roots movement that wishes to raise awareness about the benefits of compassionate action throughout the metro Atlanta area. Drawchange is proud to have signed the Charter For Compassion vowing to pursue compassion in everything we do.

At Blick Art Materials, our family owners and dedicated staff support the Visual Art Community by providing the widest selection of art supplies at the lowest prices. With extraordinary service and integrity, we strive to provide artists, educators, students, and our employees with the tools, assistance, and training they need to grow, innovate, and reach their creative potential.

The Goat Farm is a Creative Industrial Complex in West Midtown Atlanta. Our model, designed to attract a dense collection of forward-thinking ventures, has re-positioned an unproductive 19th century factory into one of Atlanta’s largest Centers for vanguard fields, contemporary thought, art & performance. The Goat Farm represents over a quarter of a million square feet of space. 470+ Members, which together employ 130+ people, occupy studios at the Goat Farm and contribute to the social, cultural & economic fabric of the city.

Connected in Hope is an innovative non-profit social enterprise & lifestyle brand that empowers women and families in Ethiopia to rise above poverty through sustainable income development, improved educational opportunities and increased access to basic health care.