Handmade 5k Medals!


Thursday’s clay medals are ready for the kiln!


Each year before our 5k run/walk, we have time at the homeless shelters dedicated to creating the 5k medals and plaques that our participants can win. Creating these special awards gives the children the opportunity to not only to receive the therapeutic opportunities present with playing with clay, but to create a gift for our participants that are there to support their growth.

The children love to express their emotions out on the clay and carefully decorate their medals for the special winners. They put a lot of love into these creations! The children are coming to the 5k this year, and they are so excited to attend a big event that is just for them!


Finished medals from our inaugural drawchange 5k!

There are many options of medals and plaques that will be available to win, a few including: “Highest Registration Team,” “Best Costume,” “Highest Fundraising Team,” and “Top Donor.” If you haven’t registered for our upcoming 5k yet, be sure to do so today so that you can have a chance to win one of these beauties on the morning of October 1st! Click here to find out all about the fundraiser, to donate and register!


Monday’s clay medals are ready for the kiln!

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