1. How are you funded?

We are funded mostly by individual donations. Whether you can afford $5.00 a month or $200, please know that all donations really add up!

2. What percentage of your funds stay in Atlanta versus your international projects?

100% of the funds raised in Atlanta stay in Atlanta unless we have a specific fundraiser for our international projects. Our international programs are funded by the volunteers we take with us year after year.

3. Can drawchange do a program at our organization or school?

We focus on 5-10 year old impoverished children. So as long as your children fit that category, please email us at info@drawchange.org and we’d love to accommodate you if possible!

4. What do your programs focus on?

All projects’ focus will fall under one or more of the below areas:
Dream Building
Stress Relief

5. Do you accept art supply donations? 

Thanks for asking! We often accept specific donations to fit our needs. You can find a list of needs on our contribute page. Additionally, please know how far a small financial contribution can go as we purchase supplies in bulk. Sustaining Membership is one of the most effective ways you can create change in our organization. Lastly, please also take a look at our wishlist where we list items needed for our daily operation. Thanks again!

If purchasing supplies, please consider Amazon Smile as they donate a portion of your sales price to us!

6. Why do you use seemingly old art materials?

The children we work with often have little to no personal possessions. We conduct our sessions with them to share an experience with them. We don’t give them anything. In that same vain, we strive to show them they can create beauty and art out of anything. Because of this we may use old bins for paint palettes and often make art out of found materials. 

7. Do I have to be an artist to volunteer?

Absolutely not! We’ve always lived by something our founder always says, “If you can express love, you are welcome to volunteer with us! Fill out a volunteer application to get started today!