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Support Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia 2018!

Former fuel carrier weaving scarf.

Former fuel carrier weaving scarf.

We leave for Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia 2018 in early June and both Jennie and our team of incredible volunteers are hard at work preparing for the inspiring journey that lies before them. There is still much to be done before we embark! We are raising funds to make sure we can continue to empower as many children as possible in our two Ethiopia programs! 
As a special thanks for your support, we are offering a unique gift as a part of our 2018 Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia 2018 Fundraiser: anyone who makes a donation of $45 or more will receive one of our beautifully handmade Ethiopian scarves of their choosing! 
These scarves are handmade by women living in the Entoto Mountains. Weaving is a trade these women learned so they could escape harsh conditions of difficult manual labor, sexual abuse and more while carrying 200+ lbs of firewood up and down the mountain. Your generosity not only supports drawchange; it also supports the women who lovingly made these scarves!
To make a donation, visit our secure donation portal and be sure to type “Ethiopia 2018 Fundraiser” in the ‘special instructions’ field. Also, don’t forget to choose your very own handmade scarf from the options below and list the name associated with your scarf (i.e. Ethiopia 2018 Fundraiser- Jovial). Make your donation today and receive one of these stunning scarves to show your support in style.

Make Your $45 Donation Today

If you love these scarves and their story, click below to visit our Facebook shop and view more handmade goods from our Ethiopian Collection.

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