Encouraging Creativity in Kids with ADHD


Creativity has the ability to help all different kinds of people–no matter age, race, culture, social class, or otherwise. In an article we recently came across, “The Upside of Downtime: Encouraging Creativity in Kids with ADHD,” we learned how important creativity can be in regards to children with ADHD. Giving these children the time and space to create in an environment free of criticism can allow them a sense of accomplishment and freedom. Children with ADHD work best when left alone to an unstructured project, with plenty of materials to use. This lack of rigidity allows their creative juices to flow–without any rules from anyone else.

Giraffe artworkBecause children with ADHD may feel inadequate by not living up to standards of their teachers or peers, having a free space where they are in control and can freely make decisions for their creations is incredibly helpful for their self-esteem. Gentle guidance and offering help only if they want it is important, and it lets them know that their creativity and ideas are good enough because they are creating for themselves, not to impress others.

Drawchange can absolutely relate to children who are struggling with their self-esteem. The homeless children we work with are usually in a low emotional space because they are working through the challenges of a transient life situation. We have seen how jumping into creativity and completing an empowering art project can make them feel accomplished and proud of their creations, which helps boost their self-esteem.

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