All projects are based seven core competencies:
* Imagination
* Collaboration
* Empowering
* Dream-Building
* Self-Esteem
* Creation
* Stress Relief

Ready to email out to you today and many more is:

* Dancing PaintingScreenshot 2015-07-20 10.44.43
Core Competencies: Creation, Stress Relief, Collaboration, Empowering
Psychological Impact: Showing children they can create amazing, beautiful things while trusting each other’s process. Learning to have fun and dance not only with your feet but anything else you have on hand!

* Learning With Jokes
Core Competencies: Imagination, Empowering, Self-Esteem, Stress Relief
Psychological Impact: Everyone can learn to laugh and play during adversity.

* My Art Can Help You
Core Competencies: Collaboration, Stress Relief
Psychological Impact: Focus is on stress relief. Having the child identify something that causes them stress, communicating it to their partner. And then having the children practice compassionate problem solving by drawing a picture to alleviate their partner’s stress.

* Giving Away My Favorite ThingsGiving Away My Favorite Things
Core Competencies: Imagination, Empowerment
Psychological Impact: Focus is on dreaming big. Gifting something away is a great way to empower children. They learn they do not have to purchase gifts and can always create a gift for their loved ones.

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