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“The first thing I ever wanted to grow up to be was an artist. If it wasn’t for the teachers I had growing up, my parents, and other encouraging role models, I wouldn’t have explored my creativity nearly as much … Continue reading

There are half a million homeless people in the US, with 60,000 homeless people in New York City alone? A third of the country lives in poverty. Between 1/3 and 1/2 of those living in poverty have mental illness and … Continue reading

If you’re looking to join our Art Beyond Borders team to Ethiopia this year, now is the time to apply and pay your deposit to make it official! We have already purchased flights for those that have officially applied, so don’t … Continue reading

Stay tuned for a video with photos from this project! Please share, so together, we can lift up the world. That is this little girl’s dream with her artwork. Let’s do it for her and for each other. #rp @jfconway … Continue reading

Our Volunteer Of The Moment spotlight goes to David Henry. David has shown commitment and compassion towards every child he has met in our programs. His first session was spent with a little boy playing with his beard the entire … Continue reading

Thank you, XO Communications for volunteering with us! Companies who volunteer together, stay together :) TL: They developed their own personal handshake! TR: The team and our founder, Jeenie BL: These two gave themselves identical “friendship tattoos” before we could … Continue reading