Art Strengthens Our Voices


“The first thing I ever wanted to grow up to be was an artist. If it wasn’t for the teachers I had growing up, my parents, and other encouraging role models, I wouldn’t have explored my creativity nearly as much and be who I am today. I would love to be able to contribute to this organization which stresses the importance of art in a child’s life. Art has given me a means of self-expression, which has made me a happier individual and improved my self-esteem. I love working with children and would love to remind them how important each of their individual voices are. I would be inspired by these kids to see all the wonderful things they create, and I want to be able to help you all in any way I can to make sure that your mission is being fulfilled. I am thankful for all that your organization does!”

Art is such a powerful means of communication, and like this volunteer experienced firsthand, it equips the children with a voice. I’ve seen children come to us shy, discouraged and with no interest in participating in the art experience, but as we begin to build relationships with them and as they begin to give art-making a chance they open up and become filled with hope. The most amazing thing in the world is to see a child’s mood change and to see the sparkle return to their eyes.

~Justin Davis, ATR-BC, Art Therapist

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