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We bring empowering art experiences to impoverished children locally (Atlanta, GA) and internationally. Whether you’re traveling with us to the other side of town, across the globe, or attending a fundraising event, we promise you an exhilarating and inspirational time! Thank you for your support!

U.S Homeless Shelter & Community Studio Programs

These programs are currently held in Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA. Children from the community and living in homeless shelters join us in creating art projects centered around helping them visualize a break to their current cycle of poverty, empowering them to reach their dreams, while boosting self-esteem. Self-pride is a sustaining emotional anchor that can carry them through even during the times of turmoil and transition that they encounter during the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Our desired outcome when creating art with the children at the homeless shelters is to provide happiness, awareness of self, empowerment and a sense of belonging. Through our programs we prove to the children that you can attain anything you can imagine. We are making real connections in their minds through dream visualization and creation. Support our U.S programs with a monetary donation or by volunteering today!

Art Beyond Borders, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Art Beyond BordersHave you ever wanted to take a trip that enables you to experience a foreign culture and touch lives? If so, we would love to have you join us on one of our upcoming international trips! We are on the fifth of a six-year commitment to Fatima School in Costa Rica. The next time we are visiting them is in August 2014. We travel and live as a volunteer family while serving the school daily. Our accommodations are in a beautiful yet simple bed and breakfast that overlooks the valley of Cartago. Wake up with us to watch the fog rolling over the mountains. It is a beautiful backdrop to a selfless, fulfilling experience. You will be amazed at the transformation awaiting you. Click here to learn more. This trip is currently closed to new team members. 

Visit our facebook page for many more trip photos.

Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia

Little boy in EthiopiaWe have all our hotel, local transportation, and educational connections set with our partner orphanage in Ethiopia. We are ready to take a team eager to discover a new culture and touch lives in the wonderful capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Be prepared to fully immerse yourself in modern-day Ethiopia, as you experience local life through the eyes of a child! Be a part of our mission and give Ethiopian children the opportunity to imagine a life of possibilities, where they can be anything they want to be and find the means to achieving all their dreams within themselves. We travel equipped with translators so no worries there! Click here to learn more and apply!

Child Sponsorship Program

While our programs help the children reach their fullest potential, we never forget that they have basic everyday needs. For just $20 per month you can provide a child with a school uniform, shoes, school supplies, food, and emergency medical care. Child sponsorship provides more than the satisfaction that comes with sending aid; it delivers a knowledge of knowing you are lifting a child’s life, family, and community over time. Through child sponsorship, two lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored child. Click here to choose a child from Fatima School of Costa Rica to sponsor today!

Fundraising Events

How do we do it all? We fundraise! We typically have more than one fundraising event in the planning stages at all times. From wine parties to silent auctions, we have something for you to support! Please check out our calendar and attend or help out at an upcoming event!