Miguel Jefferson Figueroa


Miguel is 9 years old and a student of the Special Needs classroom at Fatima School. His family consists of his mother and younger brother of age five. His mom is a single mother and unemployed because she has to care for her children. Miguelito (as everyone affectionately calls him) has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. His physical condition is deteriorating quickly at an increasing pace because the family does not have the necessary resources and conditions to help him. After medical exams, doctors have expressed his progressive deterioration thus making his life expectancy very limited. Because of the disease’s natural progression, the wheelchair Miguelito currently owns no longer serves his needs. It is causing a lot of pain and soreness and progressively deteriorating his physical posture. With his mom’s limited income, Miguelito has a surgery scheduled to correct his limbs but it is not until 2018! Miguelito needs a different type of wheelchair to help him better with his posture and physical growth. It is not a specialized chair, but one that would maintain his posture better and more easily adapt to his body so he is not pain. The chair is priced at $1,400USD or 750,000 Colones and the bill is below. 

It is drawchange’s goal to raise the funds for Miguelito’s wheelchair as well as to find $100 in monthly sponsorships for him. We were able to do this in the past for a little girl who was dying. She had five monthly sponsors all paying what they could to help her. We collectively greatly increased her quality of life while she was still with us. We helped her mom with her medical expenses, special foods she could eat, and blankets to stop her bed sores. It is our hope that we can do this with Miguelito as well. Thank you for helping with your monthly sponsorship of $20 or a one time gift. 

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Miguelito's Wheelchair Cost