Deivid Tellez Hurtado


Deivid Tellez Hurtado 9-Tree

As of November 2013 Deivid is 9 years old and in third grade. He and his family emigrated from Nicaragua in search of a better life. He lives with his three school-aged siblings and parents in extreme poverty. Mom tends to the household while dad works as a housemaid for residences and local businesses. They live off of approximately $600 per month. His parents are very responsible and Deivid does well in school. Deivid’s favorite color is blue and his favorite school subject is Science. Deivid loves to jump rope most and he’d love to own his own soccer ball one day. His birthday is July 27, 2004. Deivid’s dream is to become a plastic surgeon when he grows up.

Some of Deivid’s immediate needs are school supplies, school shoes and play clothes.


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