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Get ready to see this amazing lineup of artists and musicians that will be performing and creating along the #drawchange5k route in Piedmont Park this year!


Our artist and musician volunteers are truly incredible! They volunteer 100% of their time and talents to inspire and support our runners on the day of the race.
Thank you artists – we appreciate you!
Here are a few examples of the visual artists’ creations. Every week we will be introducing more of the amazingly talented artists and musicians on our facebook page’s photo album. Be sure to check out their photo descriptions and visit them on social media to help promote their artistic endeavors.

Artwork by: Cold.Tony

Visit the Album Here!

We continue to recruit more musicians and artists to entertain along the route this year! This includes: visual artists, musicians, singers, dancers, etc. If you are interested in participating, please apply today! The first 25 artists are eligible to win a $25 gift card and 20% off their purchase at Blick Art Materials – Midtown Atlanta location.

*Header Artwork by: Art by Cyndi Sabido, TAILOR BAILEY, and Cold.Tony respectively***